Moving on from The Medicine Garden in Cobham allows us to focus on our Weddings.

Peaches and pinks are popular shades now! Fruit and berries can also enhance your autumnal arrangements, giving them texture and form.

After nine months in the grounds of The Medicine Garden in Cobham, The White Orchid is moving on to working in a studio to focus on our increasing wedding and event work which require a lot of time in sourcing relevant materials, checking on availability of flowers and organising site visits, not to mention all the paperwork of getting the nitty-gritty of wedding work all planned and organised.

The summer saw us doing eight weddings and most of it was rather enjoyable and require a different mind-set altogether! There is always the nagging question of whether we should do what the bride wants or to diplomatically suggest our ideas to her, knowing we would do a better job doing what we do best.  I have never understood why people choose you to do their wedding and then go on to produce images from various media for you to emulate.

So, moving out of the shop environment allows us more time to concentrate on making our wedding work more pleasurable and we could also explore new avenues and perhaps market ourselves at wedding fairs to raise our profile in the field. Having a shop does mean it has to be managed and someone has to be present to serve all our customers’ needs.  However, as the old saying goes, ‘ you cannot please everybody…’

The online shop is still going strong, with men using it more than women.  I think it is a case of ease and convenience which is perfectly all right.  Men tend not to spend time deciding which flowers to send.  All they are interested in is how quickly the bouquet gets delivered knowing that it will get them out of trouble and most importantly, be appreciated.

Please note we are still happy to take an order for a bespoke bouquet.  However, please allow at least twenty-four hours so we can get your favourite flowers in should we not have them on the day you telephone.

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