Business Hours: Tue. - Sat. 10:00 - 17:00 (Mon. & Sun. closed)

Exquisite bouquets artfully arranged and delivered to your door.

All bouquets are shown as examples of what you can order based on the availability of flowers during the week. Click on the image to get more details. Please understand that while we try and provide exactly what is illustrated, you should expect other types of flowers to be used as replacements should the particular is not available. Having said that, every bouquet will be artfully put together to provide the element of a pleasant surprise so typical at THE WHITE ORCHID.

Please order in advance and allow as much notice as possible to avoid unnecessary disappointment. After all, gifting flowers should always be about the giving and receiving of thoughts, feelings and love! If you need help please contact us via contact section.

‘I need flowers, lots and lots of them at all times!’ Claude Monet 

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